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The Sudanese Ambassador in Cairo celebrates Isnad Initiative and , thanking former Egyptian Prime Minister Dr. Essam Sharaf.

Ambassador Mohamed Abdullah El-Tom expressed gratitude to Egypt, both government and people, for their generous support during the rebellion of the Rapid Support Forces militia against the state. He commended the Isnad initiative led by former Egyptian Prime Minister Dr. Essam Sharaf, emphasizing Sudan’s deep appreciation for Egypt’s actions and pledging to strengthen relations between the two nations. Dr. Essam Sharaf stated that the initiative confirms the enduring ties between the two peoples, acknowledging the essential role played by Sudanese and Egyptian businesspeople, volunteers, and experts across various fields. The Isnad initiative addresses education, health, training, capacity building, food, rights, and direct material support for Sudanese in Egypt after the war, with numerous programs executed across different Egyptian governorates and involving professionals from both countries. The Sudanese Embassy affirmed its commitment to supporting the Isnad initiative fully.

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