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Transitional Sovereignty Council Member Meets with International Red Cross Operations Director”*

Port Sudan, 24th January 2024

Today, Transitional Sovereignty Council member and head of the Joint National Committee for Humanitarian and Health Emergencies, General Engineer Mohamed Buhari Ibrahim Jabir, met with Mr. Martin Schüepp, the Operations Director of the International Committee of the Red Cross, in Port Sudan. The meeting was attended by Mr. Pierre Dubreuil, the head of the Red Cross mission in Sudan.

Dr. Ismat Mustafa Yusuf, the Deputy Minister of Federal Health, stated in a press release that the meeting was fruitful, discussing essential health and humanitarian needs, including the provision of medicines. He expressed gratitude for the continuous efforts of the Red Cross, acknowledging the significant impact of recent events in the Gezira state on the country’s drug stock.

The meeting addressed the Red Cross’s role in facilitating the flow of drug supplies from Gezira state to various parts of the country. General Ibrahim Jabir directed all relevant authorities to cooperate with the Red Cross and work towards overcoming any obstacles.

Dr. Salah El Mubarak Yusuf, the Federal Humanitarian Aid Commissioner, mentioned that the discussions covered the overall humanitarian and health situations. The meeting emphasized the importance of common cooperation and coordination between the government and the International Committee of the Red Cross in various humanitarian and health fields.

He added that the meeting stressed the need to facilitate all procedures for the International Red Cross Committee to fulfill its assigned role. Discussions also touched on the Red Cross’s recent activities and efforts, along with the challenges faced by health and humanitarian workers. The Operations Director of the International Committee assured full support and collaboration with international partners in the humanitarian field to support Sudan.

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