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Chief of Staff Congratulates Khartoum Forces on Completing First Phase

Lieutenant General Mohamed Osman Al-Hussein, Chief of Staff, extended his congratulations to the Khartoum forces (Khartoum and Engineers) in a congratulatory message for successfully completing the first phase of the Khartoum purification plan, liberating the city from the mercenaries affiliated with the Daglo militia. He described the achievement as challenging, stating, “I extend my congratulations and blessings to Mr. Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Assistant to the General Commander of the Armed Forces, and all the brothers overseeing this matter for this victory and the accomplishment of the difficult first phase. We pray to Allah to accept all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for this victory, wish speedy recovery for the wounded, and anticipate the imminent completion of the triumph. We ask Allah to magnify your reward and safeguard you as a source of pride for the nation and our armed forces.

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