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Czech Archaeological Mission from Wad Banga to Siwa

. Dr Pavel Onderka honors Shalqami and ensures his name in the discoveries book.
Cairo: Hwass Magazine
Yesterday, the restaurant “Renoush” in Nasr City witnessed a dinner party in honor of the Czech mission working on excavations in the Wadi Banga region, hosted by Dr. Nasser al-Din Shalqami and his wife, Mrs. Susan.

During the event, Dr /Pavel Onderka. a world-renowned archaeologist and the head of the Czech Archaeological Mission working on archaeological excavations in the Wadi Banga region for 13 years, was present. The mission has made archaeological discoveries documented in three scientific books by Dr. Pavel.
Dr. Nasser al-Din Shalqami, the honorary consul of Slovakia in Sudan, was honored during the ceremony, and his name was included in the latest book. The book serves as a report on the latest discoveries of the mission in the Wadi Banga region, dedicating its first page as a tribute to Dr. Shalqami, expressing gratitude for his support and collaboration throughout their years in Sudan.
Dr. Pavel had previously organized an exhibition on Nubian civilization in Prague in 2016, along with an international conference on archaeological discoveries of the Meroitic civilization in Prague, where all missions working in the field of archaeology in Sudan, alongside Sudanese archaeologists, participated.
The occasion was graced by Dr. Ahmed Rahima, Assistant Minister of Egyptian Tourism, Dr. Hassan Hussein, former director of the Sudanese Antiquities Service, and his wife, Dr. Ijlaal, current deputy director of antiquities. Also present were the renowned artist Dr. Rashid Diab, and the engineer Khalil Hassan Taj.
The Czech businesswoman Veronika, interested in Sudanese archaeology, along with the Czech doctor Martina, a surgical consultant, and her family—two daughters studying medicine and their engineer brother—all with a keen interest in Sudanese civilizations, attended the event. Additionally, an archaeologist from Poland leading the Polish archaeological mission in Sudan participated, having previously visited Sudan and stayed at the Slovak Consulate there.
Currently, Dr. Pavel and a group of researchers and enthusiasts are visiting the Oasis region in Egyptian Sinai.

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