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During this week, the terrorist RSF gangs attacked a number of villages in South Kordofan State

The Republic of The Sudan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Office of Spokesperson and Media Directorate
Press Statement
Faced by continuing and humiliating military defeats at the hands of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), supported by masses of the Sudanese people, especially in the city of Omdurman and the National Capital, the terrorist RSF militia has escalated its attacks, over the past days, on civilians in safe villages and small towns in different parts of the country.
During this week, the terrorist RSF gangs attacked a number of villages in South Kordofan State, namely around the towns of Habila, Dilling and Lagawa. In these attacks five villages have been burnt and more than 60 defenseless villagers were murdered, while an unspecified number of civilians were kidnapped. In addition, thousands of acres planted with food crops have been destroyed.
Meanwhile, the terrorist militia employs the media blackout tat it had imposed through shutting down tele-communications networks, especially in the states of Khartoum and Al-Gazira, to escalate its terrorist crimes against villagers in the areas of western Sennar and the State of Al-Gazira. Over the past days, it killed 20 citizens from the village of Wad Al-Azyiz, west of Sennar, more than 17 citizens from the village of Wad Al-Balila, west of Al-Gazira State, 12 civilians from the village of Meaigina and 7 from the village of Al-Uqda Al-Maghariba, beside attacking the villages of Umm Dowana, near Tabet, Abu Adar, and other safe villages, that are void of even police stations or government offices. At the same time, the Militia imposes a siege on the city of Tabet Sheikh Abdul Mahmoud, the well-known religious center in the Al-Gazira state, and prevents the normal movement of citizens and the delivery of goods and food supplies.
In addition to killing innocent civilians, the Militia subjects populations of these villages to insulting and abusive treatment, kidnaping some of them, and looting their properties, especially vehicles and agricultural machinery.
Furthermore, media reports, in the past few days, disclosed that the Militia had kidnapped dozens of women and girls from one of Khartoum North districts, this week. According to thes reports, the kidnapped women were assaulted and subjected to sexual violence. The incident prompted about a hundred families to flee the district.
In the same respect, women network “SIAHA” documented about 180 cases of rape committed by the Militia in those areas it had attacked.
The new terror campaign by the Militia against defenseless citizens and safe villages comes as a continuation of its war of aggression against the Sudanese people. It is also a reaction to the spontaneous popular celebrations following the SAF’s recent victories. This is the same method that terrorist groups everywhere pursue, as they are fully aware of the vast abyss that separates them from the communities they exist in and that they have no means to influence these communities except through violence and terror.
The continuing atrocities of the terrorist militia underscore, once again, the imperative of taking strict steps from the international community and the governments and legislative bodies of countries concerned with peace and stability in Sudan and the entire region against the terrorist militia, similar to the draft resolution currently being considered by the US Senate to hold the RSF militia responsible for the crime of genocide that it committed in Darfur.

Thursday 22nd February 2024

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