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Fiery statements from the army leadership belie the militia’s claims

Major General Yasser Al-Atta, a member of the Sovereignty Council and Assistant to the Commander-in-Chief, stated in a professional journalistic manner on February 6, 2024, in Omdurman:

  • The government forces operate unified under organized structures, following a single leadership.
  • Reassurance is extended to everyone that Omdurman and Wadi Seidna are at the highest levels of coordination, working vigorously to achieve victory with no room for discussion other than triumph.
  • It is affirmed that the vision and requirements for victory are fully realized in Omdurman, Bahri, and the Jazeera region, God willing.
  • The message to the Sudanese people is that the state and armed forces are preparing for the post-victory phase, planning to move beyond Khartoum, even to Am Dafoug.
  • The entire armed forces stand united behind the leader, with the leader standing before the people. The Sudanese army is a robust entity that will fulfill the desires and aspirations of the Sudanese people.
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