Hilal… Sand in Motion

” By Osama Abdel Majeed
The words of the honorable leader of the Revolutionary (AlSahwa) Council, Sheikh Musa Hilal, still resonate in my ears. On that day, we were active as a group of youth organizing a campaign to pressure for his release, which was achieved in March 2021. Our common bond was our knowledge of the man, our love, and admiration for him and his courageous stances. I am convinced he fell victim to a conspiracy by the defiant Hametti and his close associates, who entangled him with President Bashir in a shameful and disgraceful move.
The former minister of the White Nile government, Nasr al-Din Mohamed Adam, was the spearhead of that initiative. We gathered at “Hosh al-Samak” in the Khartoum International Fair. Amani Hilal, with emotion, said, “We won’t compromise our rights, and we won’t forget that they brought Sheikh Musa to Khartoum defeated and bound.” Her words were painful but carried the pride and courage of her father. She never joined us for meals, sitting apart during our gatherings. She embodied the nobility and virtue of her family.
I became more certain that the Hilal family cannot be swayed by money or anyone buying their loyalty and integrity. So, why would Sheikh Musa himself be any different? At that time, the sons of Daqlu were seeking Hilal’s approval even at the cost of all their wealth. Brokers offered them two million dollars if they convinced the Hilal family for a social deal to soothe tensions. Amani’s courage was a part of this, and the authentic family response was, “Heaven is close.”
Therefore, it is puzzling when some speak of Hilal’s support for Hameti’s militia and commendation for its criminal activities. It’s not due to old vendettas or Hameti’s rise in power over Hilal, who is more deserving due to his wisdom, leadership, and experience when compared. However, it is inconceivable that Hilal supports the crimes committed by Hameti and the mercenaries he brought, causing chaos. Hence, his recent stance calling for the accountability of criminals and traitors, condemning their actions, is clear. He stated, “We are not cheap to sell our country for bribes; what he has is valuable.”
Sheikh Musa conveyed his message since we first knew him years ago. He is a national figure who didn’t hide behind his tribe or attempt to gain sympathy for his children or buy the favor of some. He didn’t portray a false image of his tribe being targeted, as Hameti did with some of its members. Unfortunately, those who considered themselves intellectuals chose degradation and decay, remaining silent when Hilal was harmed by Hameti and welcomed the weak government’s move.
The battle against the criminal terrorist militia is a national one, not tribal. Even if it were a war against a tribe, as the low-minded portray it, Hilal would side with the Daqlu sons. Yet, he chose the path of justice as a landowner, a prominent figure, and a leader. Therefore, he emerged as a great leader who wasn’t broken by imprisonment, and his stature remained unshaken.
I visited Hilal after his release from detention and found him to be the same leader and commander who didn’t break. He was the respected and hospitable man unaffected by the conspiracies. In his home, I found people from all over Sudan, ambassadors, and foreign diplomats. He maintained his usual humility, not like those who use hand sanitizer after shaking hands with people.
Regardless of the circumstances, the case is clear. A criminal militia manipulated from abroad, led by a family trying to hide behind tribalism while being exposed. They aim to rule the country through mercenaries, a scenario the Sudanese people, led by Sheikh Musa, won’t allow.

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