Intense disputes between the government of South Sudan and the leader of the rapid rebel militia

By /Abdelmajed Abdelhameed

 The rebel militia is blackmailing the South Sudanese government, demanding a billion dollars, citing delayed fees for the passage of South Sudan’s oil. The rebel militia insists Juba must deposit it into their accounts. The rapid rebellion previously authorized Hametti’s brother to pursue South Sudan’s government for the billion-dollar payment. President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, is extremely angered by the threatening manner in which Hametti spoke during their recent meeting in Kampala. Salva Kiir expressed to close associates that Hametti lacks experience and doesn’t know us well, implying that they could do without the transit of oil through Sudan. On another front, the rebel militia has recently intensified pressure on Juba, threatening to damage the oil pipeline by preventing gasoline tankers from reaching essential facilities at Elifeon station. This move aims to avoid long-term effects on the pipeline. Days ago, permission was granted for three trucks to enter, but the militia seized the gasoline and detained the truck drivers. South Sudan’s government has expressed displeasure for months after discovering a documented statement from Hametti, in which he stated that he would not visit Juba as he might face assassination there, according to his words.

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