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Militia crimes in Sudan exacerbate forced international isolation and famine is on the way

Internet and communications

 are down in Sudan, with three telecom companies also out of service, as international organizations warn of a looming famine due to the ongoing war in the country. Blame is placed on the Rapid Support Forces for cutting off the internet, a quasi-military group involved in the ten-month-long civil war. Local news reports suggest Sudan is in complete isolation for communication services, except for unofficial satellite internet users. The Rapid Support Forces allegedly disrupted communication services to pressure the government to address network interruptions in the western region of Darfur under their control. The foreign ministry of Sudan condemned the Rapid Support Forces’ actions, describing them as an ‘assault on public facilities and attacks on telecommunications companies,’ urging the international community to denounce this ‘barbaric crime.’ Despite denying responsibility, the Rapid Support Forces hold significant areas in the capital, Khartoum, including telecommunication facilities.”

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