People’s Resistance Thwarts Militia Expansion in Sudan


The armed people’s resistance successfully thwarted the expansion plan of the Rapid Support Forces militia in the states, seizing cherished cities without a fight. Entry into cities like Sinnar, Al-Qadarif, and Shendi is no longer a stroll, as warned by the leadership of the First Infantry Division since September of the previous year about the risks of ignoring militia aggression on local markets and villages in the Kamlain region north of the state.
Withdrawal of any brigade commander is no longer possible, as the resilient people in the states of the Nile River, Sinnar, Blue Nile, Al-Qadarif, Kassala, Red Sea, White Nile, and Northern regions stand prepared in the thousands, armed and stationed in strategic positions under the command of army leaders.
The armed people’s revolution halted the tyranny of the Janjaweed, dispelling their dreams and shattering their illusions of seizing power in Sudan. The political arm of the militia, represented by the (Advancement Alliance), is troubled and psychologically defeated, warning the world of the impending (civil war) in Sudan. The people armed themselves in December after eight long months of armed tribal components infiltrating Sudan, invading Khartoum, Omdurman, Bahri, and Jazeera, all while the treacherous (Taqzim) group remained silent, endorsing the tribal armed invasion under the names of (Al-Atawaa) and the marginalized fighting against the Nile Valley.
Our brave army and the people’s resistance do not target tribes or entities but rather combat the Rapid Support Forces militia and all those fighting alongside it or supplying it with troops and weapons.
There is no hostility between our army and people’s resistance with our peaceful tribes – Rizeigat, Masalit, Salamat, Beni Halba, and Hawazma – who did not bear the weapons of the Rapid Support Forces or raise foolish slogans about (the Nile Valley and the 56th state). Each bears their own burden, and the call of the Rizeigat leader for Arab tribes to defend their areas is rejected. The peaceful Arabs in their villages and cities are not the target of the Sudanese armed forces, which include a son of Rizeigat holding the position of (Assistant to the Chief of Staff and a member of the Sovereignty Council), along with hundreds of officers and soldiers from the same tribe carrying the banner of the great Sudanese army.
There is no room for more chaos, disgrace, and the annihilation of the Sudanese people from Khartoum to Geneina. Our people have learned a lot from the painful lesson of Jazeera.

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