Qatari Debate.. The Essence of Thought and Maturity

Ahmed Al-Bathani
I followed with enthusiasm the details of the opening of the Qatari Debate Center, which focuses on enlightening Muslim women religiously. I hoped that this center would encompass a clear definition or phrase indicating its interest in women in general, reflecting the humanity of Islam and the need for non-Muslims to understand it.
I was amazed by the intellectual, scientific, social, and cultural depth in the dialogues I heard. I rejoiced in the profoundness carrying the embellishment of truth, a light in the darkness of the falsehood that strives to produce a sparkle distracting from true needs.
I believe that the goals of this debate in our Arab Muslim community have been delayed. If it arrives in its due time, falsehood has lost all attempts to color and deflect, exhausting itself in producing what satisfies human wounds and provides comfort.
Indeed, from the broad headlines presented, the debate is nothing but a state of awareness and maturity to break free from the cycle of reception and imitation. It moves towards presenting, enticing, and proclaiming the greatness of what Muslim women possess, treasures that are not defined by alleged freedoms but by a system that regulates their rights, respects their humanity, and organizes their existence as a foundation for family, society, and the nation.
Hats off to Qatar and the minds of Qatari women. The activity of dialogue platforms on cultural and intellectual women’s issues is a necessity dictated by the negative reality targeting the women of the nation, who need a stage like the Qatari Debate for media, dialogue, reflection, and intellectual discourse.
The debate is a stage for Muslim women, setting an example for non-Muslims as a center for mature communication that improves direction without stifling the immense enthusiasm and energy that women possess. The reality that distinguishes women intellectually and in their roles requires a restricted but creative freedom, shaping and thinking with the aim of crafting feminine identity according to mature principles.
Thus, the Qatari Debate Center, a fruit of Sheikha Moza’s efforts, becomes a beacon of awareness, upliftment, and desire for Qatari women, resulting in thoughts and actions represented by the debate. It transforms Qatari women into intellectual competitors against materialistic ideas and their sources in today’s world.
The truth of materialistic ideas, as presented in the context of a selfish and oppressive ideology, relies on robbing rights, distorting truths and history, killing the spirit of creativity, and creating a reference to push women towards subordination, imposing guardianship, indicating that they have no right to innovate and excel.
Congratulations to the women of Qatar for the right to discover maturity, excellence, and contribution.

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