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Repercussions of increasing the value of the customs dollar

The Shipping and Unloading Workers Union in Port Sudan filed a complaint with the owner of the Eir property, the Vice President of the Sovereign Council, about severe damages suffered by workers due to the recent customs tariff increase. This decision has led to a significant downturn in port operations and suppliers refraining from work.

Sources revealed a 45% increase in the customs exchange rate, raising it to 950 Sudanese pounds. Additionally, there was a slight rise in gasoline prices, with the liter going from 1350 to 1380 Sudanese pounds.

The latest indicators depict economic deterioration in Sudan, evident in reduced production and investment levels, escalating prices for goods and services, and the collapse of the currency market. The exchange rate reached 1110 pounds at the end of January 2024, compared to 1095 pounds at the beginning of the same month.

During a meeting with the property owner, a delegation from the union presented two options: reducing customs tariffs for consumer goods and imposing a preference tax. The discussion also covered health conditions, waste issues, and challenges faced by citizens in Port Sudan, including the continuous price hikes in drinking water monopolized by the private sector.

The property owner committed to holding a meeting with the delegation, the Minister of Finance, and the Director General of Customs to find a satisfactory solution for everyone, acknowledging the national duty to address these issues.

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