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Reports on the humanitarian situation in Sudan

Reports on the humanitarian situation in Sudan
The International Rescue Committee has warned of the humanitarian crisis in Sudan due to the war waged by the rebel Rapid Support Forces. In a statement released today in New York, the Committee’s Qatari director, Ihtizaz Yousuf, stated that Sudan is currently experiencing its worst levels of hunger ever, even during the usual abundance of food in the harvest season. Yousuf added that based on available data and discussions with experts, seven million people will face severe hunger by the June 2024 drought season.
“When people don’t get enough food, their bodies weaken due to a lack of essential nutrients. The likelihood of diseases and infections increases. Over time, they may suffer from malnutrition and even die of starvation. We cannot wait while millions of people face indescribable suffering. We are confronted with a crisis that becomes the world’s largest hunger crisis in decades, requiring swift action from the international community and conflict parties,” she emphasized.
The International Rescue Committee, along with other humanitarian organizations, called for an urgent increase in food and cash aid, as well as support for water, sanitation, and public hygiene to address this worsening humanitarian crisis. Yousuf stressed the necessity for conflict parties to allow humanitarian entities unhindered access to those in need. The international community, alongside regional stakeholders, was urged to exert continuous diplomatic pressure on all parties involved in the conflict to ensure the negotiation of a comprehensive and lasting peace agreement.

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