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“Sudan and Libya Reject External Interventions in Their Affairs”

Tripoli, 26th February 2024
The Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan, emphasized the depth and strength of the bilateral relations between Sudan and Libya, underscoring their eternal nature.
In a press conference following bilateral talks, Al-Burhan highlighted the importance of developing and enhancing these relations in all fields, emphasizing the historical cooperation, communication, love, and brotherhood between the two nations.
The leaders agreed to strengthen relations in various economic, political, and military fields, acknowledging Libya’s supervisory role towards Sudan and its people. Al-Burhan emphasized activating previous mechanisms to strengthen and develop cooperation and coordination between the two countries, with a focus on rebuilding without negative external interventions.
He expressed gratitude to the Libyan government and people for welcoming Sudanese war refugees, facilitating their entry, and providing free healthcare and education. Al-Burhan congratulated the Libyan people and resistance on their victory on February 17, urging unity to preserve this success and revive their state.
Al-Burhan extended condolences for the lives lost in the floods in Derna, Libya, noting that such disasters strengthen the bonds among the Libyan people.
On the Libyan side, President of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Al-Manfi, expressed full Libyan support for Sudan’s unity and the integrity of its territories. He commended the efforts of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and its government in supporting stability in Sudan.
Al-Manfi affirmed their complete endorsement of the outcomes of the Jeddah meeting in May as a crucial step towards ending conflict and ensuring Sudan’s stability. He emphasized the importance of reconciliation, national unity, the territorial integrity of Libya, and avoiding external political or military interventions.
Highlighting Libya’s own past struggles and the negative impact of external interventions, Al-Manfi stressed their support for Sudan through participation in regional and economic organizations such as the Arab League and the African Union. He underlined the significance of enhancing distinguished bilateral relations between the two countries, considering the geographical proximity and shared borders.

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