Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces Disrupt Internet Services: Telecom Company Chairman Speaks Out”

BY:Mohamed Widaa

In an interview, Fatih Erwa, Chairman of Zain Telecommunications, revealed that the recent internet disruptions in Darfur resulted from the Rapid Support Forces’ control over power stations, cutting off the company’s main database in Jabal Awlia. Arwa clarified that the government had not instructed them to disconnect the network and expressed readiness to restore services if allowed to reactivate power generators. He accused the Rapid Support Forces of impeding the company’s efforts to maintain and extend services in Darfur.

The militia’s interference extended beyond internet disruptions, as they also severed electricity supply to Zain’s facility in Jabal Awlia, affecting the entire network. Arwa criticized the militia’s false accusations against the government for the internet outage, emphasizing the government’s role in licensing Zain’s operations. He underscored the importance of providing communication services to citizens across Sudan, blaming the militia for violating human rights and committing crimes against humanity.

The chairman urged those supporting civil liberties to recognize the militia’s disruptive actions, emphasizing their unsuitability for integration into society or participation in future political processes. Arwa lamented the collaboration between some political entities and the militia, highlighting that a political agreement alone cannot end the war, calling for an end to the influence of the Dago family and their supporters

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