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The General Secretariat of the Sudanese People’s Front holds its first meeting in Cairo.

Cairo: jesor

The first meeting of the General Secretariat of the Sudanese People’s Front approved the report presented by the Secretary-General, Jamal Angara, and the conceptual paper. The conceptual paper included fundamental principles, such as the unity and sovereignty of Sudan, recognition of diversity in social, cultural, ethnic, and religious aspects, rejection of racism, advocacy for tolerance and national harmony. It also emphasized supporting popular mobilization, backing the armed forces, and conducting a comprehensive Sudanese dialogue that includes everyone.

The Secretaries of the General Secretariat reviewed the report presented by the Secretary-General and provided several proposals for the upcoming period. Jamal Angara stated that he would discuss with the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs the preparations for the Sudanese dialogue conference sponsored by the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs.

On the other hand, Angara added that the People’s Front is arranging a visit by the President of the People’s Front, Mohamed Al-Amin Turk, to Cairo soon to lead the first meeting of the Presidential Council and the Board of Trustees of the Sudanese People’s Front. Also, arrangements are being made for a meeting with Malik Agar, Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council and supervisor of the political and dialogue file.

Ambassador Ali Mahdi, Secretary of the Culture and Arts Secretariat, briefed about his visit to Port Sudan and Juba, where he met with the Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council Malik Agar, and Mr. Mohamed Al-Amin Turk, the President of the People’s Front, and several political leaders. He also met with Bishop Sarabamon of the Church of Omdurman and Atbara and Northern Sudan in Port Sudan. He further presented insights into his visit to Juba and meetings with leaders in South Sudan, including President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

The discussion included contributions from Amira Alfadel, Deputy Secretary-General of the People’s Front, Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Adam, Secretary of Studies and Research, Dr. Amar Zakaria, Secretary of Dialogue, Mohamed Al-Fateh, Secretary of Information, Ambassador Hassan El Arabi, Secretary of Cumulative Experiences, Mr. Mohamed Saadabi, Secretary of Sudanese Abroad, Mr. Youssef Jamaa, Deputy Secretary of Mobilization and Communication, and Sheikh Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Al-Yaqoubi, Deputy Secretary of Foreign Relations.

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