The Invaders

In an unexpected turn of events in this century, a barbaric militia invaded a once secure country, pillaging its lands, enslaving its women, and treating its riches as spoils, while claiming ownership of its homes.

The Rapid Support Forces committed these atrocities, astonishing the world with their shameless actions and employing naive justifications like supporting democracy, developing marginalized areas,

and eliminating the Muslim Brotherhood, among other ever-changing excuses to suit their whims.

One cannot resist the urge to question the leaders of this militia about what they gained from this war, besides earning global animosity and condemnation from all Sudanese without discrimination. Did their acts of killing, raping, looting, and committing genocide against certain tribes achieve the democratic transformation they claimed for Sudan?

Let’s talk numbers. Does the murder of over 15,000 individuals from a single tribe contribute to democratic progress? Does the rape of more than 3,000 women promote marginalized development? Did displacing and starving the entire Sudanese population eradicate the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan?

The events in Sudan resemble tales from ancient history, akin to the stories of Genghis Khan and the mythical patterns of invaders that filmmakers draw inspiration from. It is incomprehensible that such barbaric and savage actions occurred in 2023 within a civilized and advanced world.

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