By:mohyeldeen Mohamed mohyeldeen researcher and political analyst
Sudan is countering a massive media campaign. That campaign is targeting its image, aiming to tarnish the country’s reputation especially the armed and security forces. In the past few months some media organs and international organizations managed to circulate fake stories linking the general intelligence service with alleged liquidation of some militia elements in Omdurman. That incident which is apparently identical with the militia behavior and conduct has been manipulated by some hostile circles to depict the intelligence as human rights violator. In this line We came across a misleading report in the web site of Sudan war monitor ,which is full of misinformation and disinformation. The biased, unbalanced piece accused the general intelligence service (GIS) and the central reserve forces of executing prisoners. Although the monitor tried to present IT as subjective and neutral assumption, but it’s totally a mere disinformation.
The report ,mistakenly assume that the militia behavior and Sudan armed forces are identical, so it claims that they commit the same atrocities. The report turned a blind eye on the fact that the armed forces has handed over RSF prisoners of war including children, recruited by the militia to fight in Khartoum. the kind of human treatment to war prisoners shows to what extent Sudan army is committed to the spirit and text of the universal declaration of human rights.
It’s to be noted that the sources of Sudan war monitor are unreliable and questioned. they relied on accounts obtained from a so called Sudanese human rights monitors without naming them or to what extent they are well acquainted with what is happening in the Sudan. By doing so, the monitor put its report findings under shades of doubt and uncertainty, because it lacks credibility and accuracy.
For instance, history tells that killing on ethnicity bases is a norm in the behavior of the militia fighters, and the black legacy of the notorious Janjaweed . That kind of atrocities was well documented by the international human rights organizations in Elgeneina and elsewhere in Darfur . ridiculously enough , the report based the claim on the dissolved operation authority, by comparing the uniform similarity between the men in the video and the uniform of the operation authority . these is a naïve connection simply refuted by the SAF official spokesperson who stated clearly weeks before this incident , that the militia is intending to use the army uniform to film fake unlawful crimes and attribute it to SAF and other forces.
when checked by content analysis rules, the report failed to pass, despite the eagerness of the writers to seem impartial and that the findings are genuine result of a solid and concrete facts. The report assumption was based on the ground that the crime was a revenge for RSF fighters assassination of two injured military men and the incident place is 1 kilometer away from the site of the horrific killing of the military soldiers.
The signs for the partiality of the SUDAN WAR MONITOR are countless, but we mention just one which is the quoting of emergency lawyers , an affiliated organization to the forces for freedom and change( FFC). Needless to say that FFC IS a political group opposing to the Sudan armed forces and has a close connection with the notorious militia, the thing which make its testimonies and its affiliated organs questionable.
The general intelligence service and the other official forces strictly commits itself to the rules of engagements, the religion rules , the Sudanese traditions and the international human rights law , so it refrain from doing such heinous acts of terror, let alone documenting that kind of crimes.
Its crystal clear: some circles are conspiring to pass the ill-intended western orientation which aim to push the human rights council to form a fact finding mission to investigate the war crimes in Sudan. That commission was intended to give the west a chance to tighten its grip on Sudan future. All in all the Facts are there : The militia used to act criminally: looting, raping and killing innocent civilians and it’s the real violator of human rights and public freedoms in the Sudan, thus the international community should put blame where it fits.

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