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The resignation of the U.S. Ambassador to Sudan, John Godfrey,

  the appointment of a special presidential envoy to Sudan have been revealed, according to multiple diplomatic sources. Currently, Ambassador Godfrey is exerting pressure for peace from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, while other experienced U.S. officials, including Molly Fee, Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, and Mike Hammer, U.S. Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa, are deeply involved in the region.

It remains unclear why Ambassador Godfrey, who managed U.S. interests in Sudan since the outbreak of the civil war in April 2023, has decided to step down. Tensions in his relationship with some in Congress, particularly Republicans, might be partially attributed to questions about the Biden administration’s handling of the evacuation of American citizens after the violence on April 15.

Godfrey received the Ryan C. Crocker Award for outstanding leadership in diplomatic exploration for his role in managing the evacuation, criticized by some legislators for being slow compared to other countries like Britain and Japan.

There is resistance among some Republican lawmakers to accept Godfrey in the new role as a special envoy to Sudan, insisting that the envoy should be someone not involved in shaping U.S. policy towards Sudan in the past two years.

The newly appointed Ambassador to Sudan, John Godfrey, served as a diplomat for an extended period before his ambassadorial role. His departure is noted with mixed sentiments, and his successor, Tom Perriello, is expected to face challenges in navigating Sudan’s complex issues.

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