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The statement of The US State Department against the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Government of Sudan

The Republic of The Sudan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office of Spokesperson and Media Directorate Press Statement

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of the Sudan expresses its astonishment and rejection of the false accusations included in the statement issued by the US State Department yesterday, Friday, February 23rd, 2024, against the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Government of Sudan, with respect to humanitarian assistance and civilian activities.

The statement fails to condemn the terrorist RSF militia explicitly and exclusively for its direct responsibility of crimes of genocide, ethnic cleansing, sexual violence and crimes against humanity in Sudan, as determined by the US Administration and Legislature themselves. Instead, the statement arbitrarily seeks to distribute condemnation, unfairly implicating SAF, the national army backed by the entire Sudanese people, in issues that it has nothing to do with.

The statement, furthermore, ignores the fact that the Sudanese-Chadian border, where the terrorist militia is deployed, is the main crossing route of weapons and military equipment that the Militia uses to kill the Sudanese people and commit all the atrocities known to it. This has been documented by several neutral parties, most important of which is the United Nations Panel of Independent Experts on the UN Security Council Resolution 1591 and a number of US television channels and major newspapers.

Although the statement mentions that the Militia is looting homes, markets, and warehouses of humanitarian assistance in the areas under its control, yet it blames SAF for that humanitarian assistance des not reach these areas!

It moreover links SAF to the telecommunications networks recent shut down. The reality, however, is that the terrorist militia bears the sole responsibility for that crime. Contrary to the US State Department’s accusation, the Government of Sudan provided all the necessary support to telecommunications companies to resume their services by establishing new operators to replace those that had been destroyed by the Militia.Lamenting the “pervasive rape, torture, and other reprehensible violations against Sudanese civilians”, the statement, nevertheless, shies away from naming the culprit in these atrocities. It is the terrorist militia.

In this context, it is unfortunate that the statement is devoid of any reference to the recent atrocities of the militia against innocent villagers in the states of Al- Gazira, Sennar, and South Kordofan, and the IDPs camps in North Darfur, and the siege it forcefully imposes on the town of Tabat, and the siege it had been imposing on Al-Fatihab neighborhood in Omdurman for ten months, which was lifted only after the Militia was defeated by SAF last week.

Evidently, the return of normal life to vast parts of Omdurman, following the expulsion of the Militia, and the spontaneous popular celebrations of SAF victory, show exactly who the Sudanese people stand with, and who is responsible for closing civic space.

While the Ministry renews commitment of the Government of Sudan to the Jeddah Declaration of Humanitarian Principles, it welcomes the invoking by the US State Department of the said document signed since May 11th, 2023. However, it has to be emphasized that due to the US Administration’s hesitant positions regarding the Militia’s disavowal of the Jeddah Declaration and its failure to tackle the Militia’s continued atrocities since that time in a decisive manner, and its contradictory messages in this regard, the expected outcome of the Document have not yet been materialized. If these were attained, they would have contained the humanitarian crisis and paved the way for ending the war. AN

MIS Issued on Saturday 24th February 2024 “RY OF FOREIGN

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