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Under militia command, three villages face violations.

The terrorist Rapid Support Forces militia violated the villages of Doha, Tabakha, and Awlad Yes in the southern part of Gezira state. The militia expelled a large number of citizens, looted homes, brutally attacked residents, and killed a young man in the Doha village during his resistance to the looting of a large truck (jumbo).

The residents of these villages are living in tragic conditions, lacking electricity and food, especially in Tabakha village. Many have fled to neighboring villages, while others sought refuge in the city of Sennar.

It’s worth mentioning that a large militia force arrived fleeing from the west of Sennar and Wad Al-Haddad after clashes with the army. They are now concentrated in the Doha village, occupying numerous homes located south and west of the village.

Days ago, the militia threatened to burn down Awlad Yes village, looted all its possessions, and forced citizens to leave their homes.

Weeks ago, the militia looted all vehicles in the Doha village, killing young people and injuring others during days of ongoing clashes.

Citizens urgently appeal to the armed forces to intervene, provide them with weapons to defend themselves, and repel the militia.

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