Are there military and political forces seeking to rid President Al-Bashir?

 By/Abdulmajid Abdulhamid

The harsh conditions within the military raise fundamental questions about the loyalty and fair treatment under the law for army leaders facing the unpredictable realities imposed by fate. President Bashir’s actions, not only during the current war months but since his arrest following the betrayal coup, both military and political, come under scrutiny.

The reasons behind President Bashir’s confinement within the military medical facility since the first war shot until today prompt questioning of four army leaders: General Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan, General Al-Kabashi, General Yasser Al-Atta, and General Ibrahim Jaber. According to the decision to release political detainees, it was expected that President Bashir would be moved to a location other than the military, receiving necessary medical care while being kept away from the danger zone.

Senior military and security leaders were evacuated from troubled areas to more secure locations to oversee military operations. Some retired military and other regime forces were also relocated to safe areas due to their long and exceptional service, facing circumstances preventing them from leaving in their own way.

President Bashir reportedly refused to leave the military, choosing to stay amidst the fighters during the war until divine intervention. Despite this, the military and other security leaders should have taken a different approach, evacuating him to a safe area, not just as a former Sudanese president but as a duty owed to him for his role in the country’s recent development.

Some who acknowledge Bashir’s contributions have reportedly suggested moving him to a secure location, but their request faced an unspoken refusal. Throughout his imprisonment, Bashir endured mistreatment at Kober Prison, deprived of basic human rights even within his cell. The Sudanese people know he was denied the last moments with his mother and the opportunity to attend his late brother Abdullah Al-Bashir’s funeral.

Are there military and political forces wanting to get rid of Bashir? This mysterious question arises amid the circumstances faced by President Bashir within the military medical facility. The legal and procedural aspects of Bashir’s over seventy years of detention serve as a reminder of the ethical standards he upheld while honoring and being honored by military and security leaders, facing the challenges of time that almost erased them from memory.

Bashir won’t ask for relocation or improvement in his nutritional and health conditions, but history will not be forgiving

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