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FFCDC Forces of Freedom and Change – Democratic Coalition Meets with African Union Delegation in Port Sudan

A delegation from the FFCDC Forces of Freedom and Change – Democratic Coalition led by Vice President Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, along with several members of the leadership and the political committee, met with the African Union High-Level Committee delegation in Port Sudan this evening. The African Union delegation, led by Ambassador Mohamed ben Shambas, Ambassador Wandira Kazaboi, and Ambassador Francisco Madeira, received a written statement expressing the FFCDC Forces of Freedom and Change – Democratic Coalition stance on the cessation of fighting, ending the war, and the democratic transition. The statement also condemned serious violations against civilians by the Rapid Support Forces, emphasizing the urgent need for humanitarian intervention to deliver aid to those in need. The meeting addressed the political situation in the country and the deteriorating conditions due to the exclusionary approach followed in the past, resulting in the ongoing war and the resulting humanitarian tragedy.

The meeting also discussed destructive external interventions by some countries, supplying the Rapid Support Forces with weapons and allowing them to exploit diplomatic spaces in certain countries. The Democratic Bloc expressed its rejection of the violation of UN resolutions regarding the arms embargo. The countries supporting the Rapid Support Forces must cease such actions and prevent the exploitation of their airspace and territories.

The meeting emphasized the importance of the African Union’s role and the realization of the African solutions for African problems motto. The Democratic Bloc delegation addressed the issue of freezing Sudan’s membership in the African Union, emphasizing the need for the African Union to reconsider this decision and fully reinstate Sudan’s membership in all African Union institutions.

The African Union delegation praised the opinions and proposals presented in the meeting, confirming ongoing consultations leading to the arrangements for the Sudanese-Sudanese dialogue.

Aliya Abouna
Official Spokesperson
Freedom and Change – Democratic Bloc
Port Sudan, March 3, 2024

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