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A political and social meeting at Angara’s house

In a noteworthy political and social gathering, the Secretary-General of the Sudanese People’s Front, Gamal Angara, hosted a dinner in honor of Carabino Deng, the political and mobilization affairs official for the People’s Movement, Malik Agar’s faction.

The event was attended by the secretaries of the Sudanese People’s Front and several figures from civil administration, as well as political, social, and labor leaders. Despite its social nature, the meeting addressed public affairs, focusing on ending the war in Sudan as a whole and in the Abyei region specifically. The emphasis was on achieving unity and bringing Sudanese together under a common goal.

Lieutenant General Ibrahim Suleiman, Deputy Chairman of the Sudanese People’s Front, stressed the necessity of uniting the Sudanese people under the umbrella of the Sudanese People’s Front, urging to set aside differences and conflicts to focus on the war-torn Sudan. Notably, Professor Khair Al-Fahim discussed the longstanding peaceful coexistence in the Abyei region between the Dinka Ngok and Misseriya communities, emphasizing their strong social ties.

Salman Suleiman Al-Safi pointed out that the Abyei issue stems from the Dinka Abyei’s ambition to govern South Sudan, considering the sons of Abyei part of the educated political class in South Sudan. Youssef Jamaa, a leader in the General Union of Sudanese Workers, expressed the union’s commitment to supporting the efforts of the Sudanese People’s Front, seeing hope in its leadership for guiding Sudan and its people to safety.

Various secretaries discussed the challenges facing Sudan post-war. Carabino Deng, the political relations official for the People’s Movement in Egypt and the Middle East, stated that powerful forces for freedom and change ignited the war, mentioning his extensive knowledge of pre-war meetings. He added that the Abyei problem would be resolved when the larger issue of Sudan is addressed.

Attendees praised Malik Agar, the head of the People’s Movement and Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, hailing him as a visionary leader with a clear project to re-establish Sudan on new and solid foundations rooted in equality of rights and duties. They considered him an inspiration for the Sudanese People’s Front’s idea, especially in his call for comprehensive Sudanese dialogue that includes everyone.

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