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Abeyi Region Leader Jufur makuai duo albeed Discusses with Burhan the Necessity of Appointing Abeyi Administration

Abeyi Region leader and administrative officer Mr. Jufur makuai duo albeed emphasized the Sudanese identity of Abeyi as a people and a land. Dwolabiet stated that there is no compromise, appeasement, or relinquishment of Abeyi’s Sudanese identity.

Jufur duo albeed rejected what he referred to as violations against citizens of South Sudan, especially the Dinka tribe’s aggression against the people of Abeyi. This came during his meeting with the Chairman of the Sovereignty Council and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan.

Jufur accused factions within South Sudan of seeking demographic changes and erasing the Sudanese identity and culture of Abeyi, aiming to influence the region’s affiliation with Sudan. He affirmed that the region is facing a major conspiracy from various parties within South Sudan.

Jufur appealed to the Chairman of the Sovereignty Council for the urgent appointment of a head for the Abeyi administration and its institutions, to avoid administrative vacuum, especially after the former head of administration rebelled and joined the Rapid Support Forces militia. He stressed the importance of having the administration, especially given the exceptional circumstances the country is experiencing.

Jufur also discussed with the Chairman of the Sovereignty Council the possibility of activating the Abeyi Protocol to protect the region’s inhabitants.

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