Brown Land Newspaper Halts Publication for the Second Time

By :Mohamed Saad

  • Since the start of the atrocious war in Sudan, all Sudanese newspapers ceased publication as the initial shots of the ongoing war hit the Sudanese press on the morning of April 15, 2023, leaving the Sudanese journalism in demise, entirely halted due to the war.
  • In addition to the violations against journalists, which have increased and reached the point of killing, due to the continued battles and their geographic expansion throughout various parts of the country. Journalism, like the rest of life in Sudan, has also been affected by the ongoing and expanding war, leading to the almost complete disappearance of life’s features in Sudan. Consequently, the majority of the media ceased to operate, resulting in the displacement of a large number of journalists, fleeing either outside Khartoum state or seeking refuge across the borders in extremely dire conditions, while others remained stranded in border areas.
  • The situation is extremely dire for journalists in Sudan, as they have lost their connection to their institutions and no longer have the ability to practice journalism or even find temporary alternatives. Those who have managed to leave the country are facing challenging conditions to meet life’s requirements, especially since most of them are supporting families without the ability to practice journalism.
  • The outlook is getting darker for Sudanese journalism, in addition to the systematic targeting of journalists, especially inside Sudan, some of whom have been exposed to dangers that have reached the point of murder, while others have faced arrest and displacement. Therefore, the future of journalism in Sudan is linked to the fate of the war because this profession depends on the political environment and is affected by it.
  • In general, Browne Land newspaper has been affected by what is happening in Sudan, such as the destruction and looting of newspaper houses and printing presses, and the destruction of buildings of private and government TV and radio stations.
  • Since the beginning of the war, journalists working at Browne Land have been working tirelessly and without financial compensation to publish the newspaper in PDF format, amid extremely complex economic and security conditions, after the newspaper’s headquarters in Khartoum was burned due to stray bullets, resulting in the loss of all devices, furniture, cameras, etc. Unfortunately, now the only computer used to design the newspaper has malfunctioned, in addition to the difficulty of providing money for the editors, designers, and translators, as well as the challenge of obtaining funds to cover even internet costs.
  • We tried to continue to let the world know what is happening in Sudan in English, but unfortunately, we will stop until the possibility of resuming publication, hoping to continue working on the monthly newspaper and the website unless we lose them as well. My sincere thanks to the journalists who worked with me during the war despite not receiving salaries.
  • Mohamed Saad, Editor-in-Chief
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