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General Command of the Armed ForcesTuesday, 12th March, 2023

Press statement

Our gracious patient people
With the blessings of the first days of the holy month, our forces in Omdurman in the early hours of this morning aborted a desperate attempt by the terrorist Daglo militia to escape the siege our forces have placed on them in Al-mulazmeen and the state radio.

With the Grace of Allah, most of the forces that tried to escape was obliterated and destroyed and our forces captured most of their equipment and machinery and the loss of the enemy is being counted.

Another group that tried to reinforce the escaping militia from the west was also destroyed.

Our forces are currently dealing with small groups from the enemy trying to escape through the allies of Omdurman.

Our forces confirm their determination to destroy the treacherous enemy without mercy anywhere with the help of God and His grace, and we would like to assure our people that there will be more uplifting news soon.

Victory from Allah is near

Office of the spokesperson of the armed forces

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