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Head of Transitional Sovereignty Council Meets High-Level African Union Delegation Concerned with Sudan

Port Sudan, 3-3-2024

Today, General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, the Head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and the General Commander of the Armed Forces, met with a high-level delegation from the African Union mechanism concerned with Sudan, led by Mohammed Shambaz.

The Head of the Sovereignty Council provided a comprehensive briefing to the delegation on the developments since October 25, 2021, which witnessed the dissolution of the military-political partnership, hindering consensus. He emphasized that the events at that time were not a coup.

Al-Burhan briefed the African Union delegation on the political developments in Sudan since the Rapid Support Forces’ coup and their rebellion against the state, along with the violations committed against civilian citizens.

He expressed Sudan’s confidence in the African Union and what it can offer in terms of solutions, conditional on the state regaining its trust in the African Union, treating it as a full-fledged member of the organization.

Al-Burhan clarified that the foundation for a solution lies in the withdrawal of rebel forces from the occupied towns and villages, allowing displaced residents to return.

In turn, the head of the African Union delegation, Mohammed Shambaz, emphasized the necessity to stop the war and achieve stability for Sudan and its people. He highlighted Sudan’s significance for the entire African continent due to its crucial and strategic geographical location.

Shambaz pointed out the African mechanism’s commitment and efforts to find solutions to the crisis, mentioning that the delegation listened to all Sudanese political forces.

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