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In response to the UN Secretary-General’s appeal to cease hostilities in Sudan during the holy month of Ramadan,

The Republic of The Sudan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office of Spokesperson and Media Directorate Press Statement

In response to the UN Secretary-General’s appeal to cease hostilities in Sudan during the holy month of Ramadan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes this appeal. At the same time, the Ministry recalls prior instances in which Sudan Armed Force positively responded to a similar appeal from the Secretary-General during the past Ramadan and committed to the humanitarian truces negotiated through the Jeddah Forum. However, the terrorist RSF militia took advantage of the frequent truces to obtain more supplies of weapons, enhance its military positions, and seize further citizen houses, hospitals, mosques, churches, and civilian facilities. As a result, these truces actually exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in the country and allowed the Militia to commit the most heinous atrocities and breaches.

Therefore, in order for the latest appeal of the UN Secretary-General to achieve the intended objectives and not be a rerun of earlier unsuccessful experiences, the following objective conditions must be met:

  1. The Militia carries out its commitment under the Jeddah Forum by vacating residences, public and civilian facilities, and private properties.
  2. The Militia withdraws from the states of Al-Gazira and Sennar, as well as all of the cities and towns it attacked after signing the Declaration of Humanitarian Principles on May 11, 2023, including Nyala, El Geneina, Zalingei, and El Daein, and subsequently regroups its forces in an agreed upon designated assembly site.
  3. The Militia puts an end to its atrocities and violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law, including in the states of Darfur, Al- Gazira, Sennar, White Nile, South and West Kordofan.
  4. The Militia brings back the looted public and private property and ensures that those responsible for destroying public facilities and citizen property are held accountable.

Following the end of the conflict, extensive consultations with all national stakeholders shall be held to determine the required political arrangements for managing the political transition. General elections will then be held to allow the people to choose the government they want.

Having launched its bloody war against the Sudanese people and state during the holy month of Ramadan last year, the terrorist militia evidently has no religious, moral, or patriotic scruples and hence cannot respect the sanctity of the Holy Month.

Issued on Friday 8th March 2024

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