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Inaugural Meeting of the Sudanese Popular Front in Egypt: Calls for Sudanese Dialogue and Unity”

With the participation of various political parties, armed resistance movements, and civil society, Nageeb Mohammed Al-Amin Turki led the first meeting of the Sudanese Popular Front in Egypt, held in Cairo.

President of the Sudanese Popular Front, Nageeb Mohammed Al-Amin Turik, urged for an inclusive Sudanese dialogue, emphasizing that exclusion ignited the war. Speaking in Cairo, he criticized the flaws in the transitional period due to the weakness of the constitutional document.Turik called for internal and external movement without allowing external interventions seeking self-interest.

Turik expressed readiness to engage with any party for the benefit of Sudan, emphasizing their willingness to participate in dialogue with all parties. He urged Darfur leaders within the Sudanese Popular Front to communicate with the Rapid Support Forces to halt the war.

Hussein Manawi, representing the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army, highlighted the challenge of managing diversity in Sudan, urging extremists on both sides to abandon partisan and ideological biases.

The meeting addressed the failures of the transitional period, external interference, and the need for Sudanese unity. Various representatives praised Nageeb Al-Amin Turik’s leadership of the Sudanese Popular Front and emphasized the importance of overcoming the current crisis.

The article concluded with acknowledgments of the efforts made by the Secretary-General, Jamal Angara.

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