Iran-Sudan Relations from the Perspective of Al Arabiya

Abdelmajid Abdelhamid

  • Today, I followed Al Arabiya channel as it presented a program aimed at inflaming unfoundeìd fears about the resumption of Sudanese-Iranian relations.
  • During the biased episode, a accompanying report was presented about Iran’s request to establish a military base for espionage in the Red Sea. The report, which can only be described as a professional scandal, added nothing substantial and only featured a photograph of an Iranian ship entering Sudanese waters in the Red Sea in 2012!
  • Why does Al Arabiya leave all the hot issues in the Arab region, especially, to give special coverage to the return of Sudanese-Iranian relations, focusing only on the military aspect? This is left to the discernment of the general audience, especially in our Arab world, where some intellectuals have sold out, learning and conspiring against our people, siding with the Zionists.
  • Thanks to Iran, which agreed to provide military support to Sudan without hesitation. Tehran did not delay in supplying Sudan with drones and ammunition, while some (so-called brotherly) Arab capitals rejected the passage of planes carrying arms and military equipment bought by Sudan with its own money.
  • Al Arabiya, which laments the cooperation between Khartoum and Tehran in the military field, is the same Al Arabiya that practices a shameful silence on the damning facts of the unlimited support provided by the United Arab Emirates to the Rapid Support Forces.
  • Al Arabiya, which stirs up dust about the legitimate cooperation between Sudan and Iran in the military field, is the same Al Arabiya that remained silent when Russia (openly) announced that it had purchased 1000 Shahab model drones from Iran.
  • In this delicate moment in Sudan’s history, our country will not be ashamed to declare its cooperation with any country willing to supply the Sudanese army with the necessary combat equipment to defeat the rebel insurgency.
  • What Al Arabiya needs to learn is that the purchase of weapons by countries is no longer a secret that unveiling it urgently requires holding a funeral. Howling won’t change that.
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