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Sudanese Popular Front Leader Blesses Egyptian Community Initiative to Solve Sudanese Crisis

Mohamed Al-Amin Terk, the leader of the Sudanese Popular Front, expressed his support for the Egyptian community initiative to resolve the Sudanese crisis, sponsored by the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs. Trik stated that the initiative aligns with the desires of the Sudanese people, addressing their primary issues. This endorsement came during Triks’s visit to the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs on Thursday, responding to the invitation of Ambassador Salah Halima, the former Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister and Deputy Head of the Council, overseeing the initiative.
Trik highlighted the initiative’s emphasis on preserving Sudan’s unity, independence, territorial integrity, and non-interference in its internal affairs. He affirmed that the Sudanese Armed Forces are the sole national military institution entrusted with protecting the state and its people. The initiative also stresses the participation of Sudanese forces, armed struggle movements, and various segments of civil society alongside tribal, community, and civilian leaders in the political process. Moreover, Egypt’s sponsorship of the initiative instills confidence in all Sudanese, as Egypt is trusted by the Sudanese people without exception, emphasizing the shared past, present, and future between the two nations.
Trik expressed confidence in the initiative’s leadership by the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs, led by experienced and competent individuals with wisdom, prior experience, and knowledge of Sudan and its people. Ambassador Salah Halima welcomed Trik’s visit to the Council, considering his endorsement a strong boost to the initiative, acknowledging Trik’s significant societal influence in Sudan and his reputation for strength and truthfulnes

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