War and Civism

Ishraqa Sayed Mahmoud

( Please!!! give me a bullet made of civism to defend my family, my house,and my city.)

To the intellectuals of F.F.C, and who filled their heads with the word civism, until they filled the world with noise and chanting for civism :

Hurry up with a word of civism to fight with us in the streets of Khartoum, El Geneina and the cities of war.
⭕ The political speech of the F.F.C about civism, which was associated with the existence of two armies under a civilian president , the talk of some of them about the establishment of a new army whose nucleus would be the Rapid Support Forces, the restructuring and reform of the army by civilians among them; i.e. military reform with civilian ideas and experience.
⭕ This planning is linked to the dismantling of the army through one of the workshops designated in the framework agreement, which requested to take note of the number of the army, determine a maximum limit for recruitment, information and each army map in addition to the papers that
Prepared by foreign experts. And what preceded this from the ignition of the F.F.C for a cultural war between the army and the people after the revolution, with narrow thinking, limited agreed that getting rid of the army as a whole means getting rid of the former regime and its remnants
⭕ The F.F.C adopted this political discourse on civism without intellectual references, without scientific concepts of civilization, without linking it to the course of the planet
The earth measures of power, the variables of war and peace, a careful reading of history and the differences between the structure and composition of the civilized first world and the third and developing world , requirements for building its civilization and the continuity of its progress.
Without linking this to the African continent, the measures of urbanization and civism, its spread and challenges, the risks and stages of social conflict.

⭕ Now the war has started in the African Sudan in the third world. It is not among the RSF that rebelled and the Sudanese army. Rather, it is a war and a foreign invasion whose details are known and confirmed

⭕During this war, rebel forces stormed cities and homes and attacked civilians.
These forces do not know the word civism, and do not know cities, they only know: (weapons, killing, and booty)

⭕Today it is certain that the F.F.C realized that the word “civism” will not find us to defend ourselves
And the army that defends us (defends by preparing its soldiers, training them, equipments, and with Sukhoi, MiG, Dana and tank). Army will not wait for a civilian to present him with the military plan or help him reform martial arts.
⭕And we, the people of the cities from which the word civism derived, we went out, men and women, leaving our city, and some of us were killed while unarmed or oppressed , while helpless.

⭕ This is the civism that the F.F.C called for in complete ignorance of the standards of conflict, the components of society, the map of urban, rural and Bedouin, the challenges of the Third World, Africa, our dark continent, which is groping for a difficult path towards progress and urbanization. Many of its inhabitants are still outside the circle of education and urbanization, including our country.
Africa is still doing its best towards civilization and urbanization, (despite the state of cultural alienation of its elites and intellectuals) and the fall of many of them in the circle of dependence on the first world .So they think with its thinking, judge by its standards, and swallow the taste of hidden slogans designed for more dependence, weakness and disgrace. (whose most important features are disarmament and force)
⭕ The first world countries (in which many of our intellectuals revolve) are based on all their economic, political and cultural behavior (on possession of military power. The hierarchy in the world now, according to the strength of armies and military equipment, which is based on the protection of national security and economy of these countries.
⭕ Now we’re asking the F.F.C to give us a civilian rifle
and a pistol stuffed with civilian bullets to fight the enemy with.
To protect ourselves, our dignity and our homes

*⭕Please give us a civism to fight with.
Give us at least civilians among you who advocate civism in large numbers to fight with the army to retake our city.
⭕ Give us a medicine or a serum called (civism) that makes us stand in front of the invaders strong and say out loud civism,so that
the enemy trembles, throws the gun and leaves us secure.
Or give us loudspeakers to shout in the face of the enemy, civism , civism… Let the Janjaweed who comes from the desert from Niger or Chad or Libya tremble to respect us and fear this civism, or sit with him on the ground to explain to him the civism, so they leave us and left.
⭕ We have left our capital Khartoum and our city El Geneina * And we left them our civil books, pens, notebooks and libraries
And the books of civism, urbanization and civilization we left burning in Khartoum, along with all forms of civilization universities, libraries, museums, theaters, sports houses and culture.

*⭕Did you know now that civism only advance with military protection and by the strength of the army?

⭕Do you now know that cities have no meaning without a power to protect them?
Even if it is in the first world, let alone cities that are still at the beginning of the road to rural urbanization, reconstruction of deserts and forests, and the dissemination of education, awareness and the values of urbanization.* ⭕ Sadness, the war occurred because of the alienation of ideas, the dwarfism of goals and the shallowness of experience.
*Now our strength, army and weapons have been sold to the enemy and gave you the price of a luxurious watch called Al-Madaniya * You knew about it when the people of Khartoum fled from it in search of safety, you knew about it at the time of storming houses, you knew about it when the people of Khartoum were killed
And the time of conquering men and the time of conquering women.
And the time of burning the memory, culture and civilization of Khartoum. As said so folk story in Russian literature.*
⭕ Thus, you bear the greatest burden in this war. Because of the lack of differentiation between patriotism and narrow partisanship… Between civism and state power.

*⭕As for us, the people of Sudan, we also bear the result of our negligence and allowing this tampering to be strengthened and strengthened at the expense of our people.

  • And we did not offer enough of the stampede that God legislated, without which silos, sales, prayers and mosques would have been destroyed in which the name of God is mentioned a lot*
    (We didn’t stampede)
    So our homes were demolished our dignity and our universities
    and our culture and our civilization
    Churches were occupied and mosques were evacuated where the name of God and the homeland are frequently mentioned.
  • ⭕We will win this war because we are strong with the difficult rituals that we inherited from our founding fathers who made sacrifices and fought wars and built a state. *
  • We will win and then the country will be rebuilt on the logic of power.
  • The Sudanese army will be built to be the army of the unity.
  • And the Sudanese army will be built to be the giant army…* And all civilians are a reserve army of combatants capable of fighting
    So that no one dares Khartoum and the whole of Sudan.
  • And then we will guard the city with the law that differentiates between chaos and democracy and that differentiates between politics and patriotism *
    we will guard the schools
    and universities
    and civilization.
    we urbanize the countryside
    And spread awareness
    Under the guard of the law protected by force, weapons and the army

Ishraqa Sayed Mahmoud
Chairman of the Supereme Leadership of the Democratic Unionist Party

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