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Major General Yasser Al-Atta Presents a New Vision for State Management and Criticizes Government Performance

Major General Yasser Al-Atta, a member of the Sovereignty Council and Assistant to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, has reiterated his call for all stakeholders (“You must engage in popular resistance”). He emphasized the necessity of forming committees and correcting mistakes during experiments, as the goal is unified: establishing popular resistance in neighborhoods. There’s a specific part dedicated to coordinating combat with the armed forces and neighborhood protection with the police. Committees should also focus on humanitarian and service aspects, as well as protecting people from exploitation and corruption. Additionally, committees should organize sports, cultural, and artistic activities.
This came during the iftar hosted by Al-Atta for members of the Khartoum State government, with the presence of the Governor of Khartoum, Ahmed Osman Hamza, Sufi orders, churches, civil administration, poets, artists, media, and athletes.
Al-Atta presented his vision for neighborhood committees, suggesting that local committees elect executives to assist directors, and these local committees choose state councils to work with governors and restore accredited leaders to lead political work. Each state council elects a national council to reform the Sovereignty Council. Al-Atta pointed out that there are demands that must be discussed with the head of the Sovereignty Council, such as the constitutional document. He questioned the whereabouts of the 2005 Constitution and stated his non-recognition of it.
Where is the law for the General Intelligence Apparatus that remained in drawers? Why is the Ministry of Information being restrained? The state does not belong to anyone to control. The Janjaweed are still present in the Ministry of Culture and Information, the Public Prosecution Office, the judiciary, and the Central Bank, now turned into Al-Daqlu Bank. The Janjaweed and their allies are in the state apparatus, banks, and state institutions. There is no state that operates on compliments. They intimidate us as remnants. “I am a communist and a red Gén,” he said. We are an independent army, but anyone who fights with us is above us. Popular resistance fought alongside us with six brigades in liberating Omdurman. Now, seven brigades are prepared for the second phase of operations. We don’t ask about someone’s tribe or political color when they fight with us. Popular resistance operates with discipline under the leadership of movements. The march will continue despite obstacles and mines, no matter how challenging.

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