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Vice president of the Sovereignty Council Meets Civil Administration Leaders in Jazeera State

Port Sudan, April 27, 2024

Vice president of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Malik Agar, met this morning with a delegation of civil administration leaders from Jazeera State at his office. The delegation included the Nazir (tribal leader) Ajab Fadlallah, the Nazir of West Managil and Al-Qarashi, and the Nazir Ali Babiker Ali, the Nazir of the Muslemiya Tribe, as well as Mayor Abbas Babiker Ali, the Mayor of the Bataheen in Jazeera, and Dr. Osman Al-Tayeb Abdullah, the Mayor of Al-Muhaidat Al-Jabareen.

During the meeting, the Vice president of the Sovereignty Council was briefed on the overall security situation in the state, the serious violations committed against citizens by the rebellious Rapid Support Forces, as well as the humanitarian situation in shelter areas. They also discussed the problems and obstacles facing citizens regarding food, medicines, and medical supplies.

The Vice president of the Sovereignty Council expressed appreciation for the efforts of the civil administration in Jazeera State in supporting the armed forces in their war against the rebel militias. He praised the role of popular resistance in confronting rebel forces in defense of the nation’s sovereignty, emphasizing that all problems and challenges facing the people of Jazeera State are among the government’s priorities, especially humanitarian issues.

Transitional Sovereignty Council Media

Port Sudan, April 27, 2024

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