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Press Release on the Meeting between the Democratic Bloc and the National Movement Forces

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Press Release on the Meeting between the Democratic Bloc and the National Movement Forces

In light of the historical responsibility towards the nation, which is going through one of its most challenging and dangerous phases with the outbreak of war that has destroyed and ravaged the country’s assets, a meeting was held today, April 8, 2024, between the delegation of the Democratic Bloc headed by Maulana Jaafar Al-Mirghani and the National Movement Forces headed by Dr. Al-Tajani Sisi Mohamed, along with leaders from both blocs to review the current situation in the country from all aspects and developments, in accordance with the reality of the political and war situations.

Both parties agreed that despite the regional and international efforts addressing the political crisis and ending the war, there is a lack of coordination and a missing roadmap to cease fire and ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to those affected by the war, as well as to prepare the ground for the launch of the political process, which has been hindered by regional and international interventions. They also acknowledged that Sudanese are capable of overcoming their differences through comprehensive Sudanese dialogue, and they are aware of the risks and consequences of whether Sudan will exist or not. They reiterated their joint efforts as a continuous consultation venue to settle the political crisis, end the war, and address its effects.

They emphasized the significant commonalities between them, which could form the basis for a detached and responsible national dialogue, and to avert the risks facing the country, they affirmed that the cessation and end of the war depend on strict adherence to the implementation of what was agreed upon and signed on May 11, 2023, to start and complete negotiations at the Jeddah platform or its equivalent, and to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to its beneficiaries without obstacles.

Furthermore, they renewed their support for the legitimate civilian institutions of the Sudanese state and the armed forces to preserve the unity of the Sudanese state, and they condemned the violations and crimes against humanity committed by the rebellious Rapid Support Forces militia.

They also issued a sincere and stripped-down national appeal to all political and civil forces to create the broadest national alignment to confront the looming dangers to the nation and to achieve the minimum consensus to establish the modern Sudanese state.

Moreover, they welcomed regional, international, and concerned countries’ efforts supporting national efforts for consensus to achieve peace and peaceful coexistence among all Sudanese people.

They also condemned all negative external interventions in our country’s affairs and those countries that escalate and perpetuate war. While enduring the same suffering and difficult conditions faced by our people, we refuse to see those tragedies they endure, including displacement and suffering, increase. As political and civil forces, we are committed to the interest of the nation and its people, and to protecting and preserving its national sovereignty and independence, and we will spare no effort to stabilize our country and live together in peace and security.

We reaffirm our commitment to work with all components and segments to agree on a program for managing the transitional period and transitioning to democratic civilian rule.

April 8, 2024

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