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River Nile State Launches Investigation into a Suicide Drone Attack

Atbara – almohagig
The Security Committee of River Nile State, Sudan, announced the investigation into the targeting with a drone of an events hall, with the time of the iftar (breaking of the fast) this evening, leading to civilian casualties.
According to a statement from the committee, received by Almohagig.
It said: “Crowds of worshippers were subjected to a treacherous attack by a drone while performing the Maghrib prayer after breaking their fast in Atbara city, resulting in a number of martyrs and injured who were treated for medical care, and more details will be published upon completion of the investigations.”
Sources told Almohagig that a suicide drone targeted a social program for members of the Albaraa Bin Malik brigade, affiliated with the Sudanese Army Reserve Forces, during their Ramadan iftar.
The number of civilian casualties has risen to 12 martyrs, with several injuries.

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