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Member of the Sovereignty Council, Assistant to the Commander-in-Chief, Lt.General Ibrahim Jaber, Affirms the Role of the Standards and Metrology Organization in Driving the Economy

Port Sudan, May 11, 2024

Member of the Sovereignty Council, Lt. General Engineer Ibrahim Gabir, affirmed the significant role played by the Standards and Metrology Organization in overseeing the exports of non-ferrous metals and its contributions to replenishing the state treasury with foreign currency, thus driving the economy forward as it serves as a passport for Sudanese products and the first line of defense to protect Sudanese consumers.

During the inauguration of the arrival of devices for testing and stamping of jewelry, non-ferrous metals, and gemstones imported by the Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization, in the presence of the Prime Minister-designate, several ministers, the Deputy Director of the General Intelligence Service, and military leaders in the Red Sea region, he praised the management of the organization and its staff for their continuous efforts in acquiring these devices, which represent a qualitative leap in their efficiency in examining and stamping gold, silver, and precious metals to ensure their compliance with standards, regulate exports and imports, control quality, and protect exporters and importers.

He added that the Standards and Metrology Organization is the sole guarantor of the reliability of any product leaving or entering Sudan, commending the advanced level of relations between the employees and the high level of job satisfaction, which greatly contributed to the success of the efforts. He also noted that the coming week will witness the launch of the Industry Conference, which has been prepared through scientific studies and workshops that have addressed the intersections and obstacles that hindered industrial development before the war.

He assured the Sudanese people of the beginning of the restoration and establishment of all the capabilities that were destroyed as a result of the war, and the nearing of victory militarily, economically, and socially, emphasizing that Sudan will be a destination for the world.

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