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MASHAD OBSERVATORY: Condemn indiscriminate shelling of the rapid support militia in El Fasher neighbourhoods

El Fasher 12.5.2024 (SUNA). The Observatory of the Darfur Youth Organization “Mashad” for human rights strongly condemned the indiscriminate shelling of heavy artillery directed by rebel rapid support militias at residential neighbourhoods during its attack on Alfasher on Friday, which killed and injured dozens of civilians.

Mashad regarded the militia’s action as a full-fledged war crime despite international, regional and national warnings not to attack El Fasher as a centre housing hundreds of thousands of old and new displaced persons and the headquarters of civilians who turned to it for protection, food and medicine. 10 civilians killed, including 4 children and more than 170 others, including 90 women.

The Human Rights Observatory (MASHAD) warned against a repeated attack on El Fasher, which would cause a new wave of displacement between displaced persons and the population and lead to further deterioration in humanitarian conditions.

The Observatory appealed to the international community and regional organizations to take urgent steps against the terrorist militia to prevent it from repeatedly targeting civilians and displaced persons who had nowhere left after being forcibly displaced.

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