Member of the Sovereignty Council, General Ibrahim Jaber, Inspects Maintenance and Rehabilitation Operations of Electricity and Water Stations in Khartoum State

Port Sudan, May 16, 2024

Member of the Sovereignty Council, Lt. General Engineer Ibrahim Gabir Ibrahim, inspected the progress of work in rehabilitating and maintaining electricity and water stations destroyed by the rebel Rapid Support Forces militia in the liberated areas of Old Omdurman city.

During his meeting with the Governor of Khartoum State, Mr. Ahmed Osman Hamza, in his office today, he expressed his satisfaction with the progress of maintenance work on electricity stations and the restoration of electricity supply in the old neighborhoods of Omdurman, especially the Grand Field station that supplies the Bant neighborhood.

The meeting discussed the plans and programs set by the state government for the reconstruction of Khartoum, especially in the production sector, and the ways to implement what has been agreed upon regarding infrastructure during his recent visit to the state.

On his part, the Governor of Khartoum clarified in a press statement that the member of the Sovereignty Council was briefed on the progress of work and the efforts exerted to repair, rehabilitate, and develop water and electricity stations, noting that the state government has received several spare parts and water pumps that will enter service within the next two days.

He added that the member of the Sovereignty Council has pledged to finance the cost of maintenance and operation of the Beit Al Mal station.

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