Against wily cards-shuffling policyAfrica has to stand on the right side of history concerning Sudan

Mohammed Ahmed Adam

The snowballing youth-led, uprisings in West Africa, is nothing but, a true expression that the multitude of Africans, including political leaders and activists have eventually come to a common conclusion; western domination over many aspects in their respective countries, militarily, economically or even culturally, would only aggravate their obstacles and hinder their development.

The claim that exploitation was the core of France’s existing ideology in Africa, does not entail in the end, any over-dramatization. Conversely, this intention has been asserted time and time again by consecutive French leaders themselves, François Hollande asserted in 2013 that France besides Europe would be more active in shaping Africa’s destiny. Earlier, in 1957, François Mitterrand warned that France would not have any position in 21st-century history unless it maintained its control over Africa. In the same vein, Jacques Chirac acknowledged that “without Africa, France will slide down into the rank of a third [world] power”.

To that effect, the growing calls for dismantling of foreign military bases, are driven, in the first place, by mounting fears and concerns, that these military bases – contrary to their declared mandate – might have been covertly acting instead, as logistical bases, for encouraging and arming, these very active terrorist and jihadist groups, which they ostensibly claim to be fighting.

That opens Pandora box, of the mounting doubts here and there, surrounding the inexplicable slowness or inaction of Western powers, in completely liquidating the threat of ISIS and its fellow jihadist radical groups in Sahel and elsewhere. Besides, the evident possession of these negative elements of latest Western weapons arsenals, which in turn, support the doubts, that these groups in essence, are mere big stick or paid hunting dogs, to serve ulterior imperialistic schemes. Despite Washington’s leadership, for instance, of an international and regional coalition of over 60 nations with the world’s most powerful and sophisticated military powers for the said purpose.

Deeds speak louder than words, fellow Africans should make no mistake, RSF militia – even if it continues to claim the otherwise –RSF is increasingly, on the track of the aforementioned terrorist and jihadist groups, wreaking havoc in the continent, they are virtually, one of the new tools of the neo-colonialism, purposely and timely mobilized to nip in the bud, African’s nascent current uprising and revival, that is poised to combat all forms of hegemony, and pillage of the continent natural resources.

Still, it’s important to note here, the great solidarity manifested by the masses in west Africa, towards the military personnel who led and championed the political change in their respective countries, was not necessarily driven by passion for military rule, as much as, it was spontaneous and interim need, to get rid of the foreign influence, that has lingered and paralyzed their countries for decades.

Again, here in Sudan, the whole world and fellow Africans in particular, should make no mistake, it is not a war between two generals, as the tendentious and vicious media always tend to portray. It is a war of necessity, between the Sudanese national armed forces, which on another note, celebrate their centenary next year and a military militia, that intentionally mutinied against its authority, and later staged a full-fledged coup d’ etat in April 15th 2023, with instigation from regional and international circles, to serve non-national agendas, entailed above.

The ‘’ battle of dignity’’ had to be fought by the Sudanese people, after being left with no other option than taking arms, in self-defense in the first order, and to line up behind their armed forces. it’s a struggle of necessity, unmistakably, necessitated by the very same values and national agendas, that prompted and ignited, the very recent phenomenal mass uprisings, in the west of the continent.

Against all odds, Sudanese people had to exhibit a diehard solidarity with the armed forces, against yet a new pattern of the disguised agents of colonialization; the terrorist militia, which is currently and unabatedly indulged in an insane version, of the notorious scorched earth policy, ravaging everything in their path, spreading chaos and thereby, paving the way for their masters, to further pillage Sudan’s wealth and mostly untapped resources.

It’s quite understood, today the battle over, control of, and access to natural resources is one of the principal causes of the conflict particularly in Africa. Local armed groups, like the RSF in Sudan today, tend to conclude confidentiality deals, under the cover of darkness, sometimes in collusion or co-operation with interests from external actors or surrounding countries, work together to extract and exploit these resources. Stereotyped in the DRC for decades, these very forces of darkness, are currently pouncing hard and wreaking havoc to devour the riches and resources of the neighboring Sudan. It’s unfortunately the curse of wealth.

Taking into account, the ongoing conflict in the neighboring DRC which is – by all means- the world’s worst since the Second World War, where approximately six million people have been killed since 1996 and more than six million people remain internally displaced. It would be naïve to think that understanding the current political dynamics in Sudan is possible in isolation, of the close relationship between the exploitation of Congolese minerals, international companies and rebel groups operating in the country.

As a matter of fact, Sudan’s insecurity is equally caused by complex and deep-seated factors, as well as a multitude of actors. Let us not forget that Sudan, is 13th globally and third in Africa’s gold production and has 1,500 tons of silver reserves, with 1.5 million tons of uranium reserves, to name but a few.

The expansion of industrial-scale cobalt and copper mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has led to the forced eviction of entire communities and grievous human rights abuses including sexual assault, arson and beating. it is already known that the mass forced displacement, is a war crime in accordance with the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and the Protocols thereto of 1977. It also needs to be remembered.

Likewise, in Sudan, indiscriminate killings, mass rape and forced eviction of the defenseless civilian population from their towns and villages, the notorious RSF militia follows minutely, the footsteps of their counterpart, the Congolese militias. At the end of the day, it is the same old scenario, implemented in different resources-rich African countries, by different actors. The Sudanese militia backed by tens of thousands of foreign mercenaries, continues to harass civilians in their areas of control by all means so that they could migrate — voluntarily or otherwise — outside their areas of control or even outside the country.

Many may not know that the ousted Nigerian President Mohammed Bazoum, who belongs to the same Hamidti’s Arab ethnic group, had backed the RSF, in the early stages of the war in Khartoum, with his 6,000 highly trained elite forces, who were highly trained, under the supervision of the French forces (they were the essence of his presidential guards, whom he ironically missed, when he later, needed them the most) in addition to about 20000 criminals, who were set free from prisons in Niger, to join the fight along with the RSF. Chad followed suit and freed large numbers of diehard Arab rebels, the pugnacious historical enemy, to the Government in N ‘Djamena: freedom against joining RSF, thereby, hitting two birds with one stone.

On the other hand, African tribes in Darfur continue to suffer horrendous bloodsheds of purely ethnic nature, under the hands of the RSF and its affiliated Arab tribes, brought from different African Sahel countries. To date, systematic massacres of genocide and war crimes have been perpetrated by the RSF militia, perhaps the most horrific massacre amongst which, have been committed against the Masalit African tribe.

In fact, a video clip unequivocally authenticates, RSF soldiers storming the house of Khamis Abakar, the Governor of West Darfur State, bringing him to the office, where he was assassinated in a cold blood, before the eyes of the RSF commanders. The worst was yet to come; another hurting video clip shows, how the governor ‘s body, was being later handed over, to a bunch of small boys and girls, for further mutilation and humiliation, chanting in the process, racist songs and remarks, that abuse the deceased and threaten the rest of African tribes in Darfur, with the very same fate.

Leaving behind no room for further interpretation, the HRW’s comprehensive report of 186 pages, published few days ago, authenticated that RSF and their allied militias, committed crimes against humanity and war crimes, by deliberately and systematically targeting the non-Arab African “Masalit” tribe in Darfur, killing between 10 and 15 thousand civilians in the city of El-Geneina alone. The barbarity and heinousness of the above crimes.

Likewise, a group of Democratic and Republican senators, in the United States, to that effect, had proposed last February, a bill that classifies “the actions of the Rapid Support Forces and their allied militias in Darfur against non-Arab ethnic communities as genocide.”

Last not least, sanctions declared by Washington on two RSF commanders on the 14th of May, 2024, can only be construed as yet another hypocritical move, it is as Hudson Cameron rightly put it, what is the point of imposing sanctions on people who do not have any external accounts in US dollars and do not even travel abroad? Indeed, it is merely a propaganda act, a political ploy to throw dust on the eyes, and disavow its responsibilities, in forcing the RSF militia, to immediately put an end to its daily bloodbath in Sudan. Washington and its western allies alike, are absolutely not short of means to achieve that goal, however, they woefully short of political will. At the end of the day, such type of reactions, remains too little, too late.

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