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Agar: The Armed Forces Are the Only Power Capable of Achieving Peace and Stability in the Country

Agar: The Armed Forces Are the Only Power Capable of Achieving Peace and Stability in the Country

Port Sudan, May 29, 2024

The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Malik Agar Ir, affirmed that the Armed Forces are the only power capable of achieving peace and stability in the country, leading it to safety, and creating the conditions to address Sudan’s pending issues.

Agar explained that the ongoing war has its roots in Sudan but was planted in American soil, presented in the European Union, and directed by workers from the UAE towards Sudan.

He added that the world that prepared this war does not want Sudan to have sovereignty over its lands with its various resources.

During his address today at the opening session of the Community Reconciliation and Permanent Peace Conference organized by the Peace Commission at the Red Sea State Secretariat, Agar condemned the US Secretary of State’s call to return to the Jeddah platform for negotiations. He said, “We will not go to Jeddah, and if anyone wants that, they will have to kill us in our country and carry our remains to Jeddah.”

He emphasized that the current stage does not tolerate interventions and the competition of political parties with their various agendas. The priority should be to stop the war and achieve stability, then move towards national consensus through Sudanese-Sudanese dialogue.

Agar described the situation in the country as complex, especially in its security aspects after the war entered its second year, giving priority to achieving security and peace for the Sudanese people over all other issues.

He acknowledged the role of traditional administration in enhancing social peace, noting its urgent need for many regulations that enable it to play its role in achieving peace and stability in the country.

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