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Somali Ambassador to Sudan… 4 Years of Friendship

Exclusive: By Brown Land
Ambassador Mohamed Sheikh Issak Ibrahim formerly Somalia’s deputy ambassador to the UAE, was appointed to Sudan in 2019 due to the complexities in Sudan and the presence of a large Somali student community. In an exclusive interview with Brown Land, Ambassador Ibrahim stated that Sudan was the only country that welcomed Somalis without complications or fees, treating Somali students in its universities with the same privileges as Sudanese students. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, diplomatic efforts between Sudan and Somalia have succeeded in various important areas such as trade, defense, and more.
Following the outbreak of war in Sudan, Somalia diplomatically granted free residency to Sudanese citizens. Ambassador Mohamed Sheikh Issak Ibrahim has since been reassigned to South Africa as Somalia’s ambassador, facing significant challenges, including a large Somali community of over 50,000 people. His success as ambassador to Sudan and his mission to South Africa are commendable.

Brown Land extends gratitude to Ambassador Ibrahim for his positive relationship with the newspaper and the Sudanese people, wishing him success in his mission to South Africa.

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