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Sovereignty Council Member Ibrahim Jabir Pledges to Provide the State with All the Requirements for the Development of Industry in the Country

Port Sudan, 16-5-2024

Member of the Sovereignty Council, Lt. General Engineer Ibrahim Gabir, affirmed the state’s commitment to providing all the necessary facilities and procedures required to develop and promote industry and industrialists in the country.

In his address at the opening of the Sudanese Industry Development and Promotion Conference, which was organized by the Ministry of Industry under the patronage of the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Gibril Ibrahim, and in the presence of the Governor of the Red Sea State and the Minister of Industry, Jabir praised the efforts of the ministry and industrialists and their active role in driving the economy, describing it as the key to the progress and development of nations and its solid foundation and first building block for the rest of the sectors.

He drew attention to the importance of establishing an advanced industrial base in all states to directly address all needs, bring in technology, create job opportunities, and strengthen the values of social responsibility.

He directed the state governors to establish and plan industrial cities and simplify and facilitate the procedures for establishing factories in the states.

He expressed his thanks and appreciation to the experts and scientists who laid the foundation stones for the development of industry and increase economic revenues, pledging to implement the recommendations and outcomes of the conference and everything that would contribute to the development of the industry sector in the country.

The Transitional Sovereignty Council member, Assistant Commander-in-Chief Ibrahim Jabir Ibrahim, had previously opened the industry exhibition accompanying the conference.

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