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A call to participate in the protest in Britain against the RSF’s violations and the UAE’s supportive role.

Since the war began in Sudan on April 15 last year, Sudanese citizens have faced various forms of abuse by the rebellious Rapid Support Militia (RSF). From the very first moments of the war, these militias targeted the Sudanese people’s lives, property, and dignity:

  • The RSF have looted and ransacked residential homes.
  • The RSF have violated personal honor and raped women.
  • The RSF have killed civilians individually and en masse.
  • The RSF have detained, tortured, and buried civilians alive.
  • The RSF have besieged neighborhoods, cutting off essential supplies of water, food, and electricity.
  • The RSF have forcibly displaced entire neighborhoods and villages.
  • The RSF have destroyed infrastructure in the occupied areas, including universities, schools, banks, hospitals, communication stations, water and electricity supplies, even mosques and churches.

In Khartoum, Al-Jazirah, Darfur, and everywhere the RSF has been, there is destruction, terror, murder, and rape.

All these violations and more have been committed by the rebellious militia under the watchful eyes of the international community, with explicit support from the United Arab Emirates. This support has been met with complete silence from all the world’s countries, particularly from Britain, which has shirked its historical role in Sudan. Unfortunately, money has become the dominant factor. Those who pay off their crimes are ignored; the UAE pays, and the Sudanese people suffer.

This is a call to participate in the protest in Britain against the RSF’s violations and the UAE’s supportive role.

We invite you to join us on Saturday, June 8, in a protest starting from the Prime Minister’s Office at 12 noon. We will then move to the United Nations Office and from there to the UAE Embassy. Our goal is to condemn the RSF’s violations and the UAE’s support for them.

Raise your voice to the world about your suffering under the RSF militias. Tell them that this war is a war against the Sudanese citizen. It is a war for national sovereignty. It is a war for dignity.

Shout out… make your silenced voices heard through the Emirati noise to the world. Tell them that we are resisting any attempt to dilute and erase the issues of the Sudanese people and consider them collateral damage of the war. Tell them clearly who attacked, how they attacked, and narrate the RSF’s crimes and their supporters’ crimes against Sudanese civilians in stories that will be told for generations.

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