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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lin Jian’s Regular Press Conference on June 14, 2024

2024-06-14 19:52

CNR: On June 12, the opening ceremony of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development was held in Geneva. We noted that President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony via video link and delivered an address. Could you share more with us?
Lin Jian: On June 12, President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) via video link and delivered an important address, which received extensive attention and warm response from the international community.
In his address, President Xi Jinping commended UNCTAD’s role, and called on all parties to assume their responsibilities for history and the people, keep to the right direction, and work together to build a community with a shared future for mankind. President Xi Jinping made the following three important propositions. First, foster an international environment for peaceful development. We need to pursue true multilateralism, advocate an equal and orderly multipolar world, abide by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, and support a more effective role of UNCTAD and other multilateral agencies. Second, follow the trend toward open development. We should advocate a universally beneficial and inclusive economic globalization, promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, properly resolve development imbalance and other issues, and make the global governance system more just and equitable. Third, harness the historic opportunity for innovation-driven development. It is important to build an open, inclusive and non-discriminatory environment for the digital economy, follow the people-centered, AI-for-good principle and strengthen AI-related rules and governance within the framework of the United Nations, actively advance green transition, and help developing countries join the trend of digital, smart and green development.
President Xi Jinping stressed that China is advancing Chinese modernization on all fronts through high-quality development, which will provide new and greater opportunities for world development. China will always be a member of the Global South and the developing world. Holding humanity’s future and people’s well-being close to our heart, we will work together with all parties to give the world a bright future of peace, security, prosperity and progress.
President Xi Jinping’s participation in the opening ceremony of the 60th anniversary celebrations of UNCTAD via video link and delivering an address fully demonstrates the high importance that China attaches to global development and our tremendous support for the common development of the Global South. China looks to working with the international community to deepen solidarity and cooperation, promote high-quality Belt and Road cooperation, implement the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative and the Global Civilization Initiative, open a new chapter in global development, contribute to the modernization of the whole world and achieve common prosperity. 
Al Jazeera: According to the Times of Israel, Hamas has demanded that China, Russia and Türkiye serve as guarantors for any hostage deal with Israel. The demand is said to be one of several changes made by Hamas to the proposal put forward by Israel last month and publicized by US President Joe Biden. What’s China’s comment? 
Lin Jian: China has noted the report. The Gaza conflict has been dragging on for more than eight months. The most urgent priority is to fully and effectively implement relevant UN Security Council resolutions, achieve an immediate ceasefire, protect civilians, guarantee humanitarian assistance and ensure the early release of all those held captive. China will continue to work with all parties to make unremitting efforts to end the fighting in Gaza as soon as possible, ease the grave humanitarian situation and implement the two-State solution.

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