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Internet disruptions reported in Kenya and neighboring countries

At least five people were killed and 31 people injured in protests in Kenya on Tuesday, a joint statement released by several human rights groups said.
“Despite the assurance by the Government that the right to assembly would be protected and facilitated, today’s protests have spiralled into violence. Human rights observers and medical officers have reported several incidents of human rights violation,” the statement said.
It was released by Amnesty International Kenya, the Kenya Medical Association, the Law Society of Kenya and Police Reforms Working Group Kenya.
According to the statement, at least five people were shot dead. At least 31 have been injured, with 13 of these people shot with live bullets, four with rubber bullets, and three hit with launcher canisters, it continued.
CNN has reached out to the Kenyan police for comment.
The statement also said that 21 people were abducted or disappeared in the last 24 hours, some of whom who were since released. There have also been at least 52 arrests, it said.
“We urge the State and all parties to de-escalate the situation and stop the use of lethal force to protect life,” the statement said. 
“The scenes of police officers shooting at medical emergency center at Holy Basilica must cease immediately. Again, the use of live bullets must now stop. Safe passage for all emergencies services to evacuate and treat the many wounded is now urgent.”

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