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Member of the Sovereignty Council, Assistant Commander-in-Chief, Lieutenant General Ibrahim Jaber, inspects the 3rd Infantry Division, Shendi Officers and soldiers in the Al-Otib area, River Nile State

Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General, Marine Engineer Ibrahim Gabra, inspected the officers, soldiers, and mobilized personnel on the front lines today in the Al-Otib area, River Nile State.

His Excellency received information about the security situation in the region and reassured the preparations of the armed forces and mobilized personnel to defend the state against the rebel Rapid Support militia.

His Excellency saluted the high fighting spirit and great harmony among all military components in the region.

Lieutenant General Ibrahim Jaber was also briefed on the security conditions in the Nile River State and the plans of the military division commanders and the state government and their joint coordination to maintain security and stability in the state.

When addressing today the officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the 3rd Shendi Infantry Division and the Mustafarin, His Excellency praised the high fighting spirit and complete harmony between all the military components of the division in defense of land and honor in the battle of dignity against the rebel terrorist Rapid Support militia.

He praised the efforts of the commanders of the divisions, military units, and other regular forces, appreciating the joining of the officers of the joint forces, officers and soldiers of the 15th Division, the 7th Brigade, and the General Intelligence Service of the 3rd Infantry Division, stressing that victory is the ally of the armed forces and is near.

His Excellency saluted the Sudanese people’s standing, support and support of the armed forces, fighting with them in one trench, and bearing the repercussions of the war waged by the armed forces to preserve their dignity, land and honor.

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