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Qatari Plane Carrying Medical Aid Arrives in Sudan

Port Sudan – almohagig
A Qatari plane carrying 12 tons of medical aid for kidney dialysis supplies provided by the Qatar Development Fund for Sudan arrived at Port Sudan International Airport on Saturday morning.
It was received by the representative of the Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Esmat Mustafa, Qatari Ambassador Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Sada, and Head of the Qatar Red Crescent Office, Dr. Salah Al-Du’ak.
Mustafa praised in a press statement the support and assistance of the State of Qatar in the health field, pointing out the continuation of cooperation, saying that aid from Qatar Aid is still continuing via the air bridge, noting that the shipment carries 12 tons of medical aid containing kidney dialysis supplies, thanking the State of Qatar, government and people, for their support to the country.
The Qatari Ambassador to Sudan, Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Sada, said that the grant comes in support of the brothers in Sudan in the medical and health field, within the framework of the distinguished relations that bind the two brotherly countries in all fields, pointing out that there is communication between the leaderships of the two countries at various levels to promote relations for the benefit of the two countries and peoples.
He stated that Flight 22 of the Qatari air bridge transports humanitarian aid to Sudan, reiterating his country’s commitment to continue its support for Sudan to confront the crisis resulting from the war, and added that the medical aid came in coordination with the Federal Ministry of Health, according to the specific needs put forth by them.

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