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The UN Security Council held an open meeting, followed by consultations, on the morning of Tuesday, June 18, to hear the periodic briefing of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on the situation in Sudan pursuant to the Council’s Resolution 2715.

In his address to the meeting, the Permanent Representative of Sudan to the United Nations, Ambassador Al-Harith Idris, condemned the armed attacks by the UAE-sponsored RSF militia, illustrating that the militia is targeting civilians, villages and safe towns, jeopardizing the agricultural season, which increases the food gap and threatens vulnerable sectors.

The statement highlighted the flow of UAE’s military supplies to the Militia across Chad, Southern Libya, and other territories, stressing that the Mlitia’s attacks exacerbate atrocities against civilians, increase the number of displaced people, and hinder agricultural production.

Ambassador Al-Harith clarified the Government of Sudan’s position on facilitating the entry of humanitarian aid, reiterating its commitment to international law and human rights, especially in terms of protection of civilians and allowing humanitarian workers to reach those in need, provided that humanitarian assistance enters through the agreed upon corridors. He further indicated the readiness of the Government of Sudan to enter into a ceasefire on the condition that the RSF militia commits itself to fully implement the Jeddah Declaration.

Higlighting the heinous human rights violations by the RSF militia, including sexual violence. Also, the statement reviewed measures taken by the Government to protect civilians and facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid. The statement further drew attention to the ongoing cooperation between the Government of Sudan and the United Nations to facilitate humanitarian work.

Ambassador Al-Harith stressed the imperative of exerting pressure on countries sponsoring the Militia to stop providing it with weapons, finance, mercenaries, and other aspects of support, while lamenting the silence of international organizations on the Militia’s atrocities against civilians, He called for greater international support to address the worsening humanitarian conditions.

It is worth mentioning that after the end of the meeting, the current chair of the Security Council, South Korea, circulated a letter from the Permanent Representative of Sudan to the members of the Security Council communicating additional evidence of UAE involvement in Sudan’s war which results in exacerbating atrocities committed against the Sudanese people. The letter was adopted as a document of the Security Council.

Wednesday 18 June 2024

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